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My Filipina Online Dating Success Story

My Filipina online dating story of success does not come without some bumps along the way. I have to say I am happier than I have ever been with my Filipino wife Abby and expect it to last a lifetime.

Of course when I started the online dating experiment I used local dating sites in the US. Every body knows some of these sites. My problem with using these sites was I never got a response to anyone I tried to contact. Maybe my standards were too high I really don’t know but it obviously did not work out.

One day as I was looking through the site I was on there was the ads you see on the side bar for some Asian dating sites. Then I remembered a time when I visited my brother in the military and met one of his friends that was married to a Filipina. His friend told me his wife was the best woman in the world and I would be surprised at the difference between the Filipino woman and western women.

I had always been attracted to Asian women so I figured I would give it a try and signed up to one of the larger sites to give it the old college try.

One thing that was disturbing about the site I signed up to was the first message I received from the site said to beware of the scammers and spammers on their site. Over 90% of the women here fall into the scammer or spammer category. Disturbing huh. Well I kept this in mind as I went through my online dating experience and I think I am actually one of the lucky few who found the woman I would marry without getting scammed to bad.

Yes I got scammed before I found my wife. The reason I still consider myself lucky is it only cost me around $1000 USD before I dropped the scammer. In reality a lot of men who get scammed get taken for much more before they finally cut these women off. Its not really that these men are not smart guys but more so that the scammers are that good. These scammers have been doing this for a long time and are very proficient at what they do.

The best way I have found to avoid these scammers with the main stream sites is

1. Do Not fall in love online. This will make you a lot more suceseptable and the scammers depend on this.

2. Make sure you see them in a webcam and,

3. Never stop looking through the thousands of profiles. If you find a girl your are chatting with having more than 1 profile with different names. She is a scammer. Good luck

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Have You Heard About Hvar Island?

Hvar Island is situated in the Adriatic Sea and belongs to Croatia. The island spreads out on 80 km from west to east and it is truly paradise for its tourists. People all over the world visit all four major parts of the Hvar Island as its surprises are many and diverse.

During its existence, the Hvar Island was know by other names also, depending on what culture it belonged to. First it was known as Pharos and after that it was called Piteyeia (around the third century B.C.) as we know from the Greek poet Apollonius of Rhodes. While it was under Roman rule it was called Pharia and later Fara. The Slavs, people that occupied the island during the middle ages, named the island Hvar. Even if the island was under Slav occupation, a lot of the inhabitants were Roman-speaking and convinced the Slaves to change the official name once more, this time into Quarra. In the eleventh century the Italians changed the name again into Lesina (meaning forest), a word full of meaning because at that time the island was perfectly characterized by a woody terrain. This name was kept until the nineteenth century when it was changed back into Hvar Island.

This place exists nowadays under the name of the Hvar Island, but the Hvar Culture has long been extinct. It is said that this culture existed from the year 3500 to 2500 B.C. The Hvar Island is an important piece in Croatian history being one of the important literary centers of this country during the Renaissance. Nowadays it is known as a producer of lavender, honey and wine and these aspects can be charming to those interested in stimulating their senses. Because of its climate and unique position, the Hvar Island is home to a lot of different species of flora and fauna like the Croatian Fighting Toad. An interesting fact about the Hvar Island is that it gets 2800 hours of sun per year. As you can see, there is no possibility for anyone to get bored on this island because it reunites history and culture for those with this kind of interests and it can be a great place to relax by bathing in the sun and admiring nature.

There are many cities to visit on this island, each with its own story and appealing characteristics. The town of Hvar had a population of little over four thousand people in 2001. It can be a tourist attraction because this is the place where the first public theatre was opened in Europe back in 1612. The town of Stari Grad located in the northern part of the Hvar Island had almost three thousand inhabitants in 2001. It is the site of some of the first human settlements on the Adriatic Sea from Antiquity. Jelsa, a town in the central northern region of the island, it’s said to have had a population of approximately 3.600 back in 2001. The fourth region that might capture your attention is the town of Sucuraj, a city of picturesque beauty situated on the east cape of the Hvar Island. Sucuraj has been named officially the center of the eastern part of the Hvar Island. The town is said to be 2300 years old, fact which can fascinate anyone. The city has been blessed with mild climate and a beautiful country side which makes it even more perfect for contemplation and relaxation. The 400 people settled here live off tourism and fishing therefore any person who is interested in this location will be received with open arms and will have a wonderful time.

The Hvar Island is thought to have been inhabited since the year 5000 B.C. Since then, a lot of different cultures living there in each age known to man have left their own fingerprint on the place. The Neolithic age proves its existence in the history of the Hvar Island by a fragment of pottery dating from the year 2500 B.C. The bronze pottery and hilltop sites represent the Bronze Age. The Iron Age left behind a lot of settlements including a castle; most of these settlements were even equipped with some rudimentary forms of defense. After that, the ancient Greeks became very interested in the Hvar Island. Remains of the Greek colony can still be seen through some of the defense walls that are still standing. After the Greeks, a lot of different cultures left their legacy to the people on the Hvar Island, like the Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians, Turks and even newer states like Austria, France, England and Russia had their own influence.

The Hvar Island is a great place for a vacation. One of the few places were you can escape from the big city life and all its problems, a place where you can really catch your breath and relax. Strolls on a forested sea path or a week of quiet life in one of the picturesque villages to see how life is without any connection to civilization. The Hvar Island is a relaxation heaven. There are a lot of sites to admire like one of the monuments of the Hvar Island, the Saint Lawrence Church which is known for the collection of paintings by old masters. The Hvar Island also has one of the largest naturist camps. There is simply no way you can get bored here.

One of the few places that man hasn’t destroyed yet, the Hvar Island is a must see just like other famous places in the world. It’s just that it hasn’t had so much publicity and this is perhaps the reason its beauty remains untouched. You can enjoy the scenery and you can see the way native people live there. This will give you an idea about the way our forefathers made a living without having to work in loud plants and polluted environments. As a fact, it is necessary to say that Hvar Island is one of the perfect places you can visit and unwire yourself.

Source by Amelie Gam

What’s Your Online Dating Beauty Rank? Take the Quiz!

Recently, I overheard my girlfriend Lisa leaving a babbling message on a guy’s answering machine after a first date. Even though things went well, Lisa was a bundle of self-doubt and nerves as she talked herself into thinking he might not call again. I was dumbfounded at the confusing, negative voicemail. The long and short of it is that Lisa ended up spoiling things with this new man before they even got started.

Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life?

When I asked my girlfriend what that message was all about, Lisa shrugged her shoulders and said it wasn’t going to last anyway. If I had been coaching Lisa, a beautiful, smart, funny, independent woman who is a great catch, I would have asked how she felt about herself before posting a profile on the dating sites.

To me, she had some clear barriers preventing her from letting things unfold naturally with a man. By all outward appearances, Lisa is a beautiful woman, but my guess is she doesn’t feel quite so attractive on the inside.

Many people dating online think it’s all about the profile photo (yes, that’s important too) and profile. That’s why many singles might overlook the importance of being emotionally ready to date. Your inner chatter in your head and heart determines your potential for relationship success that begins with online dating.

Feeling strong, exuding genuine self-confidence, being ready to risk falling in love or getting rejected are all emotional qualities that create your unique inner beauty that often overshadows your looks.

It’s a Chicken and Egg Thing – NOT!

A lot of women tell me they’ll feel better about themselves after they meet a great guy. They’re expecting a new man to make their life better or fill a void. With compassion, I explain to my clients how they are likely wasting time with this approach. You need to feel good about yourself first or it will be next to impossible to attract the quality man you desire. As a single woman looking for love, you are the only one who can turn this around.

Take the Inner Beauty Quiz

A quick way to know if you’re emotionally ready for online dating is to take my Inner Beauty Quiz. Answer yes or no to the following questions.

  1. You feel upset when you have one great date and never hear from the guy again
  2. His texting for weeks shows genuine interest in you
  3. When a man is rude on a first date, it brings up anger from previous men you dated or had relationships with
  4. You email on the dating sites with men for weeks waiting to meet them
  5. You are in touch with 8-10 men, keeping them all going in case any of them ask you out
  6. When a man stops emailing before you get to meet, you feel sad and rejected
  7. When a man sees you twice, then stops calling and texting, you often wonder if it was something you did wrong
  8. When you go on a coffee date, you always buy your own beverage or at least offer
  9. On a first date, you share details about your ex or how hard online dating seems
  10. He flirts with you for months, so you know he must be interested

So how did you do? If you answered yes to five or more questions, take an honest look at your self-esteem and learn the method to know you are a great catch. Once you build this belief in yourself, so much of dating will come more easily, the rejection will sting less and you’ll attract better quality men.

You might come up with your own ideas on what will get you there. Or you could take a short cut and get my free online dating tips. Once you know the strategies that work to help you find love online, you’ll feel more in control and more confident. Knowing how this method for meeting men works best and what to avoid, as well as how to stay safe, is a game changer for single women.

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Online Dating – Needle in a Haystack?

No doubt about it, Internet dating has become a unique part of modern love. In fact, in New York, Internet dating has become so popular that it is now simply called ‘partner shopping’ or ‘hyper dating’.

Online personal ads were one of the first niche markets on the web at the beginning of the net revolution and statistics now predict that 50% of single people will hook up with a partner online. However, with thousands of dating websites to choose from around the world, finding the right one can be difficult.

If you’ve ever joined a general dating site you’ll know that trawling through a stream of profiles, with reams of personal information about housekeeping habits and suchlike, doesn’t mean that you will actually get along with someone. But the good news is that online dating is evolving, with recent trends showing a move towards specialist dating sites that aim to bring people with similar interests together.

Sometimes linked to lifestyles, such as dating sites for bikers, interest-based dating sites are leading the way for a new generation of people looking for love on the worldwide web. With literally millions of people using the internet as a new social arena in which to make new friends and find a partner, people are discovering that there is a much better chance of making that all important connection through a specialist site where the members have shared interests.

A recent survey by revealed that 80% of its members preferred interest-based dating sites, stating that they found it easier to make the first contact. creator Diane Ainslie understands this new trend: ‘I’ve used the internet in the past to find a date and I really liked the idea of being able to meet up with people without all the usual fuss. But I often found I didn’t have a lot in common with the people I met. As a huge music fan, I realised that meeting people who shared a passion for the same music as me was a great basis to develop new relationships. You have something to talk about straight away!’

And there’s the key. Joining a general dating site can be like visiting a strange city without a map. How do you even begin to find your way around? In choosing an interest-based site you’re starting on familiar ground. It’s easier to get talking and you’re more likely to meet someone you have something in common with. If half of all single people are using the Internet to find a partner, finding that special someone is like finding a needle in a haystack. It might just be time to jump on the latest bandwagon and find a dating site that interests you!

Source by Claire Gaskin

How to Succeed at eHarmony

Since I’ve begun writing about online dating, eHarmony is one of the companies that I get the most questions about. This company’s methods and success rates have been widely noticed, but this publicity also gives the whole process a sort of mystique and makes some people intimidated or worried that they won’t “do it right.”

People often see the eHarmony process as more science than romance or dating. This isn’t entirely true. Yes, they do have the widely talked about 29 point compatibility system, but it’s honestly not all that hard. There’s no reason to fear this process. In fact, the company’s screening and quizzes are the main reasons for its success rate. And quite honestly, you can make this process work for you rather than against you, which I’ll discuss in the following article.

Do Some Self Work Before You Even Get Started On eHarmony: To know who your soul mate is when they are staring you right in the eye, you’re going to need to know exactly who and what you want. Sometimes we think that we are clear on this when we really aren’t. We want an ideal that we think that we should want or that we think our parents, friends, or even children want or need for us.

The problem with this is that we’re going to attract the person who is right for these people instead of who is right for us. Ultimately, what most people want is a fulfilling, healthy, and happy relationship that feels almost effortless because both people are “right” for each other. Understand though, that you aren’t likely to get this if you don’t know who you are and who is right for you. Also, you need to be able to successfully convey this self knowledge.

Often, we underestimate ourselves or stop short of asking for what we really want because our self confidence or self knowledge is low. You must really believe that you deserve who you really want and that you are worthy of this. There truly is someone for everyone. You have to trust that this is true. Otherwise, you are going to project doubt and you may well sell yourself short.

That’s why it’s so important to take some time with yourself to determine what you want and need. You should also to do the self work necessary to have the confidence that you’re going to need to approach this process with an open mind and heart. So many people lower their expectations and tell themselves that they must “settle” when this just isn’t true. Now is the time to hold out for what and who you want. Know this and get excited about the process.

Always Be Honest, But Use Your Knowledge Of Yourself To Put Your Best Self Out There: The worst thing that you can do is to hold back on the initial test or what is otherwise called the personality profile. People sometimes don’t like that the test can take 45 to an hour. Or, they worry that the test won’t be accurate or will paint them in a bad light or show their flaws.

Wait until you have uninterrupted time to take the test. Know that the aren’t really “right” answers for the test. There aren’t trick questions, at least in my opinion. They are asking these things so that they can match you up to who is potentially right for you. That’s why it’s so important to be honest. Make sure your answers are what is really true, not what you think people want to hear. Again, if you embellish or pretend to be someone you’re not, then you’re going to be matched with the person who would be a match for who you are pretending to be.

The same holds true when setting up your profile. You absolutely want to put your best self out there. Use your self work to paint yourself in positive but truthful light. Again, you want to be matched with people who are going to be compatible with the real you. Who wants to pretend for the long term?

Your Attitude Counts As Much As The Other Variables: People often assume that the personality test and the matches are the most important part of eHarmony. These things are important, but equally important is the attitude that you have when you approach this. The thing is, you don’t want to approach this with dread and apprehension. These things show and they count. Finding your “match” and your soul mate might take some a little bit of time so it’s very important to make the process one that you’re going to enjoy and don’t mind.

Always remember that people are attracted to people that make them feel good about themselves and their situation. If you project negativity, doubt, reluctance, or fear, your results might be affected. Vow to enjoy yourself and to approach this knowing that you have something to offer. Sure, you may have to meet some people before you find your soul mate, but nothing says you can’t benefit from making new friends or enjoying new experiences. People who enjoy the process and have fun seem to have a much higher degree of success, in my opinion.

Use The Tools They Give You: One of the coolest things about eHarmony is that they offer you a lot of tools to get to know your matches in a very low stress way. Their guided communication tools are second to none. Some people tell me that they feel that this forces them to move slowly. But I really think that this can be to your benefit. It allows for you to get to know potential matches without any pressure. They basically allow for you to share information and ask questions before you even entertain taking it further.

All of this is giving you experience, allowing you to get to know the other person, and will allow for you to boost your confidence. If you approach this and compete this correctly, you should have a good sense of who each match is and this should help you to evaluate if you’d like to go further. This is much preferable to just hoping for the best and taking the time to meet someone that would be a waste of time anyway.

Also, the time and effort that this whole process takes ensures that people are on eHarmony for all of the right reasons. Typically, people on eHarmony aren’t looking to “hook up.” They are looking for long term, committed relationships. The slow and thorough pace of the process helps to ensure that you’re being matched with people who are as serious about this as you are.

Source by Sara Sheldon

Looking For The Best Adult Dating Sites?

Helpful Tips That Will Get You There

It is true to say that everything has gone online including dating. It is no longer necessary to go through the tedious process of online dating where you can’t be sure what the other person wants or even what their preferences are. The best thing about adult dating sites is that they are designed for various dating needs and hence profiting yourself in the most suitable for you depending on what you are looking for has been made easy. But considering there are so many dating websites, how then do you choose the best?

Consider the dating site demographics

Adults are categorized differently according to their generation. A dating site designed for young adults probably looking for hookups only and nothing serious might not work for seniors who are looking for true companionship. It is therefore helpful that you consider what groups the dating site you are about to target, so you do not end up with the wrong singles. A site could be popular, but it may not be the best for your kind of dating needs and preferences.

Check out access fees

There are of course adult dating sites that are free to sign up with but others will require that you pay access fees to enjoy the services. The fees can be a good indication that the site is inclined in attracting only serious singles, but it does not necessarily go to show that you will get better service quality compared to the free websites. The decision to pay or not to pay should be solely yours, but even when paying for access you want to make sure that the rates are reasonable so you do not get overcharged for no particular reason. Find out the reasons behind the paid access and decide whether it is worth it or not.

Scrutinize communication channels available

You have signed up with the dating site to find a partner and so communication is very crucial to making this happen. The best adult dating site should offer you a reliable means of communication. A site that offers more than one channel of keeping touch can be good for your convenience. You should remember that there are sites where anybody interested can send you a message, whereas for other sites you can only get in touch with singles you have been matched with. Find out as much as possible about the communication so you are not limited and inconvenienced when you have already signed up.

Read reviews for sites you are interested in

Reviews can be quite helpful in finding you the best sites with high rates of getting your desired results. Find out what other users have to say about the site so you know exactly what to expect. It is a good idea to start off with sites which are highly rated so that you avoid getting frustrated with efforts that do not seem to pay off at all.

Look at the active member numbers

It is really one thing to join a dating site and quite another for it to have active members. Without a good number of active members, it will be very hard for you to find what you are looking for. The more the number of active members, the higher your chances will be to find the kind of singles you are searching for. When dating online, you must also not limit yourself to just one potential partner because they may not turn out to be what you want them to be. Test the waters and eventually narrow down your search.

Source by Shalini Madhav

The First Four Dates – Online Dating For Seniors

A lot of attention is often focused on the first internet date, to the extent that sometimes people lose sight of the real goal of online dating. To be successful you have to get beyond date number one and navigate your way to date number four and beyond. Developing ideas for what to do with a partner once you get beyond the first date is a good idea and sets you up for success. Here are some guidelines that can help.

Date #1. The purpose of this date is to get a firsthand impression of the other person and determine if there is a foundation to build on. Lots of active conversation is essential. That is why most people recommend you meet in a restaurant for lunch or coffee. Meeting for a drink at a bar can also work if the bar is not too noisy and if you meet in the afternoon rather than the evening. You want to be on your best behavior and make a good impression, so it is important to keep alcohol at a minimum. Both parties should drive separately to the meeting place and both should still keep their address and home phone number to themselves. It is also very important for the man to put the woman at her ease and to show sensitivity to her concerns about safety. Under no circumstances should either person get in the other’s car and drive somewhere on the first date. Senior women value courtesy, so it is a good idea to walk the woman to her car after the meal. Sometimes the woman will offer a perfunctory peck on the lips in saying good-bye, but this is definitely not the time to enjoy a real first kiss. The first date is a definite success when both of you decide there is enough interest to meet again.

Date #2. Another afternoon session is called for, with each of you still keeping your address and home phone to yourselves. Sometimes people want to move on to a romantic dinner in the evening because the first meeting went so well – but resist that temptation. What is needed is more conversation without the emphasis on romantic expectations. Some people will want to move on to doing an activity together, as is recommended for date #3 but that also may be hurrying the relationship too much. If the first meeting was for coffee, the second date should certainly be for lunch. Once again the focus should be on lots of conversation as you get to know each other better. Again, I would suggest walking the woman to her vehicle. The second date is also too early for that first kiss.

Date #3. It is time to spend a greater length of time together. One great way to do that is to do an activity – go to a museum, visit botanical gardens, spend time at a neighborhood festival, or drive through the mountains for an afternoon. Your day should include eating lunch and spending time in a car together as well as walking around at public events. Your addresses should still be unknown, so you should make arrangements to meet somewhere public so that one of you can get in the other’s vehicle for the trip. Spending a large part of a day together leads to much more conversation and gives you an idea of how compatible you are as you do things together. Upon returning to the vehicle at the end of your activity, you might find a good opportunity for that first kiss if the day has gone very well.

Date #4. If the relationship has continued to progress through the first three dates, then it is time to plan a romantic dinner. By now the woman should feel comfortable letting the man know her address so he can pick her up at home to go to dinner. This will be a second time they have been alone in a car together, but there should be no concern because of what each has already learned about the other. If the evening goes well, there should certainly be a good night kiss at the door. For the most part, senior men will have carried the initiative up to this point – asking for dates and suggesting what to do on the next date; but after three dates, it’s time for the woman to show initiative if she really likes the man and wants the relationship to continue to progress. She can do that on the fourth date by inviting him in for dessert or a glass of wine. She may even decide that date #5 will be dinner at her house.

Exclusivity and Sex. The progression of four dates I have described will be preferred by people over 50, but younger people may find themselves moving toward sex and even exclusivity in fewer dates. It is the individual couple that decides when sex and exclusivity become appropriate for them. In senior citizens, sex is not likely to become a viable issue until the fourth date or after. In my own case, I have been in two relationships in which I decided after the third date that I would be exclusive with my partner but I felt it was too soon to tell my partner I wanted them to be exclusive with me.

Every relationship has its own rhythms and realities. My guidelines for the first four dates can be helpful in putting couples at ease as they find relationships they want to continue.

Source by Gordon Edwards

Dating For Socialization

Dating is the act of meeting people with a few to getting to know them better and to find a courtship or marriage partner. There are two results for dating namely –

• Socialization or to learn social skills and

• Marriage.

It is important that people of the opposite sex learn why they need to date, when they should start dating, why they should date, and what dating they should be engaged in at different times in their lives.

Dating for socialization or to learn social skills is a critical dating season and one of the most important reasons why dating should be encouraged among the youth of a certain age bracket. Many scientific studies and religious organizations support dating practices for the youth so that the challenge of communication between men and women that has been traced to be the root of spouse abuse, divorce and unhappy marriages could be dealt with. It is a known fact that men and women speak in different languages even while using the same words, meaning that it takes a great skill for men and women to understand each other. Men depend on logical conclusions to reach decisions while women depend on their feelings.

Studies are showing that keeping the female and male genders apart until they are up to the age of marriage before learning to communicate with each other have adverse effect on what marriage they finally get. A socially skilled man or woman has all the advantage in handling relationship with the opposite sex than those who have none.

Social scientists and religious organizations who support dating as a preliminary stage of the male female relationship believe that youth of ages 16 years and above can start dating. They, however, caution that dating should not start earlier than this age for both boys and girls.

Dating at this stage is for socialization and for the learning of social and communication skills, especially with the opposite sex. It also enhances communication and social skills across board as the dating events at this stage involve group activities where both sexes mix. Dating at this stage could stretch for good two years and or more for girls who could be due for marriage at age eighteen. This is a good period enough to learn some of the idiosyncrasies of the male and female human to enable the now young single adults know what to expect and what they can tolerate in a relationship with a man or woman.

Dating for socialization provides opportunity for both sexes to learn how to deal with friends and family of their future spouses. It helps the young people to learn such virtues as friendship, tolerance, understanding, independence, integrity, forgiveness, which the period of dating for marriage may not provide enough time for. It would drastically shorten the usually long dating for marriage and courtships that mostly end in heartache and sorrow.

Dating this early is criticized by many including some prominent religious organizations. Their main grouse is that youth are sexually active and are more prone to sexual experimentation which may be detrimental their welfare. While agreeing with this possibility, it would be appropriate to note that with or without dating for socialization, sexual activity among the youth is increasing and several unplanned pregnancies and disease are resulting. Structured dating for socialization would drastically reduce the challenge of teen pregnancy and disease.

It is a well-considered opinion worthy of everyone’s attention that dating for socialization be established as a family culture. This way, the appropriate ways for carrying it out would be set out, taught and the youth assisted to play by the rule.

Dating for socialization activities should involve families and neighborhood groups. Group dating activities should be the order so that the objectives of social and communication skills would be enhanced.

Source by Francis Nmeribe

U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz | Pew Research Center

How much do you know about religion? And how do you compare with the average American? Here’s your chance to find out.

Take our short, 15-question quiz, and see how you do in comparison with 10,971 randomly sampled adults who were asked these and other questions designed to measure the public’s knowledge about a wide range of religious subjects. This study was conducted mostly among members of Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel, supplemented by interviews with members of the Ipsos KnowledgePanel.

When you finish the quiz, you will be able to compare your knowledge of religion against that of the participants in the nationally representative survey. You can see how you compare with the overall population as well as with people of various religious traditions, people who attend worship services frequently or less often, men and women, and college graduates as well as those who did not attend college.

For a full analysis of the findings, read the report, “What Americans Know About Religion.”

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Secrets For Online Dating Success

Be honest about who you are. If you insist on displaying a photo that is not an accurate depiction, or pretending to be interested in fishing when you actually hate worms, you are likely wasting your time and someone else’s. Portraying yourself accurately will produce the most efficient results.

Spend some time creating your profile. The truth is no matter how great your picture is, a bad profile can destroy you in online dating. Dare to show some personality, and keep things positive. Also, don’t be afraid to brag a little. Confidence is attractive and it’s your time to convince others that you would be a good catch.

Choose fun dating activities that you both enjoy. Love and romance are not inspired by interviewing one another at the Waffle House. Attraction is based off of the euphoric feelings that two people have when they are together. Have some drinks, enjoys live music, attend a sporting event, and get creative.

Flatter your dates ego. Going out with someone new can be unnerving to say the least. However, by sharing some positive feedback, issuing a compliment, or getting your date to talk about something that excites him/her, you can eliminate some of the awkwardness caused by nerves, and help to establish a good energy that may produce some chemistry.

Do not appear too anxious. The strange phenomenon behind online dating is that it often seems as though you know someone before actually knowing them. The personable emails, frequent IM’s, and subsequent phone calls all provide an uninhibited means of communication, in which people tend to open up quickly. However, just because the first date went well, do not assume a relationship or make it a point to close your online account. You must first get to know a person in the “real world” before anything meaningful can progress.

Review online dating sites and get more advise at:

Source by Renae Ferrill